Christ Lutheran Cemetery

Cemetery Photograph - Right Side

Februarry 2018

We are blessed at St. Paul’s to have a Church-owned, managed and maintained Cemetery at our Christ Lutheran Church property at Chalk Hill, which provides an opportunity to be buried alongside your Church family.

On September 28, 1969, St. Paul’s Evangelical Lutheran Church accepted a Resolution from Christ Lutheran Church, Chalk Hill, PA for the merger of that Church into St. Paul’s Church.  The Church building and grounds including the Cemetery along with perpetual care responsibility were transferred and accepted.

The original Cemetery, which was laid out with lots of 8 graves surrounds the Church building on both sides and to the rear.  With the growing congregation of St. Paul’s in the 1970’s, it was felt the Cemetery would not be large enough for the expected burial demand.  A Cemetery addition regarded as the New Cemetery was purchased and laid out with lots of 4 graves is situated mostly to the rear and along the right side of the original Cemetery. Originally the Cemetery was intended for the burial of Christ Lutheran Church members, but in recent years, lot ownership is extended to family and friends of St. Paul’s.

Early grave markers include some artistically designed granite stones. Quite often families would highlight their gravesites with large monuments with their surname engraved as well as monument the lot corners with their surname first initial. Internments can be found of early Church pioneers, including Rev. John A. Waters.  The oldest known burial is of Annie McIntosh, buried in 1859.

Over 141 US Military veterans are buried at this Cemetery, including 11 who served in the Civil War, 2 who served in the Spanish-American War, 21 who served in World War I,  68 who served in World War II, 1 who served in both World War I and World War II, 7 who served in Vietnam, 13 who served in Korean War and 1 who served in both World War II and the Korean War.

Lots of 8 graves sold initially for $10 and Lots with 4 graves sites sell today for $1,000. 2 graves for $600 and a single grave for $400.  There are Lots are available throughout the Cemetery. Contact our Church Office at 724-437-9000 for details.

Our Church policy on placement of above ground headstones has always been quite liberal. Our Church grounds keepers have always been tolerant with lot owners desiring to highlight the graves of their loved ones with plantings and flowers as long as they do not impede grass maintenance.

As of January 1, 2018, there are 962 known burials at our Cemetery.

To view the Cemetery Drawings, click on Cemetery Drawings or Cemetery Addition Drawings. Note that these Portable Document Files (PDF) and are set to open in a new window.

The shaded plots indicate known burials with the deceased names. Also noted are names designated for future burials. The name along the plot bottom is the lot owner who purchased originally or who is the current representative as designated by the family.  The yellow shaded are available for purchase.

To view Burial Records, Click on Burial Records which are provided Alphabetically by Surname, Cemetery Lot Order or Chronologically by Death Year. These are listings of all known burials at this Cemetery. This information was extracted from headstone etchings, Published Death Records and Obituaries, and surviving family stories.  These are also Portable Document Files (PDF) and set to open in a new window.

The 8 spaces lots in the Cemetery are designated A, B, C and D along the top row and E, F, G and H along the bottom row.  The 4 space lots in the New Cemetery are designated A, B, C and D.

Burial Records Alphabetically by Surname (Updated 2018)

Burial Records by Death Year (Updated 2018)

Burial Records by Lot Number (Updated 2018)

Cemetery Drawing 2018

Cemetery Addition Drawing