Summer Services at Chapel Cancelled

Canceled Summer Saturday Evening Church Services at Christ Lutheran Church, Chalk Hill  Mt. Chapel

Council at their February meeting, decided to cancel Services at our Mt. Chapel after considerable discussion. The Summer Saturday Evening Service, was once well attended in previous years but the attendance lately has been declining. This past year the Services were terminated at the end of June with just minimal attendance.  Your Property Committee will continue to maintain the Church building and Cemetery, keeping the building weather tight, and maintaining the grounds.  The Church could be available for a Wedding or individual worship.  Call the Church Office to schedule your need.

Christ Lutheran Church was once a viable congregation serving Lutherans in the mountainous vicinity through the 1960’s. Their congregation waned and in 1970 the surviving membership petitioned St. Paul’s to absorb their Church to ours.  The LCA, SW PA Synod approved this action.  An agreement was drafted with assets transferred to our Church, including the Building, Cemetery, Membership and savings account.  Perpetual care of their Church building and Cemetery was now the responsibility of St. Paul’s. Their surviving members attended regular Sunday Worship Services at St. Paul’s and a Sunrise Easter Service was conducted at Christ Lutheran Church. This Service continued until just 2 years ago when attendance languished.