‘Season of Lent’ Projects


With three of our own schools and over a hundred teachers and teaching assistants, plus all of our school-based therapists in public schools (maybe including YOURS!) we’re always in need of items that will keep our teachers from spending their own money on student needs. This Lent, instead of giving something up, try collecting items for our classrooms! Things we can really use include stress balls, fidget spinners and cubes, arts and crafts supplies, school supplies, and – most urgently – snack items to reward and encourage positive behaviors. Want to help? Contact us at foundation@gladerun.org!

Glade Run

Glade Run provides autism, mental health, educational and unique therapeutic offerings to children, adults and families through school and community based offerings.                                   Find them on Facebook at:   https://www.facebook.com/gladerun/


Apron Angels is the result of Toni Pluto Regula and Marsha Langely Regula brainstorming a way to make use of their talents to help others. Their love of preparing food and their organizational skills brought them to the idea to prepare meals for the residents of Ronald McDonald House in Morgantown, Wv. They called upon their good friends Jeannie Conway Blaney and Terry Gergely Ainsley to help. So the first group that went were these four on May 27, 2015. In Jan 2016 Jill Large Olesh became the 5th member of the group when she went to cook with us.

This is the list of the items that they currently need.                                                                      Plastic Shower Curtains & Shower Rings      Lysol Spray (Disinfectant)        Plastic Silverware  Large, Kitchen Cleaning Gloves (Non-Latex)        Trash Bags (Lawn & Tall Kitchen Size)          Coffee (No Pods), Creamer & Sugar                                                                                                  Please consider donating any of the above items. There is a table in the narthex for the donated items. Your donation will play a huge role in helping to keep families close to their hospitalized child.  

APRON ANGELS are on FACEBOOK at:   https://www.facebook.com/Apron-Angels-1757153201186844/